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The Probate Process

Probate Procedure

  Intestate vs. Testate A person who dies without a will is said to die intestate. Whereas, a person who dies with a will is said to die testate. This distinction is important when beginning the probate process. A person who created a valid will has named a personal representative to see to the disbursement and management of their estate …

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Requesting Personnel Records from Your Employer

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Employers must provide a copy of any personnel records/documents that you request if they pertain to your qualifications for employment, promotion, transfer, pay raise, discharge or other disciplinary action. The request needs to be complied with within 45 days of written receipt of the request. Employers also need to give you a certified copy of these records.

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How To Collect Unpaid Wages From an Employer

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Collecting unpaid wages due to you in Oregon If an employer and employee disagree over the amount of wages due to the employee, the employer must pay the wages the employer concedes are due. The time frame for such payment is ┬áset forth in ORS 652.140 (payment due within one day if employee is terminated or immediately if the employee …

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